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The RD Ranch is located in Northern California in rural Amador County. The ranch was originally homesteaded by the Walker family in 1876. We purchased our 60-acre ranch in 1988 from descendants of the original owners.


The RD Ranch Gift Shop is a small family operated business. The items we carry are quality items that we use in our homes, barns, or while hunting or fishing. We are adding products all the time so check back with us from time to time. We appreciate your business.


D179 - Rat Terrier TilePainted Tile by Pumpkin - Featuring unique & beautiful hand painted ceramic tiles of cats, dogs, farm animals and wildlife.

The background color of the tile ordered from our website might be different from the background color of the tile shipped.

We have other tiles available by special order. If you don't see what you like in our shopping cart please view the following PDF documents for additional animal tiles.
Wildlife and Farm Animals
Cat Tiles
Dog Tiles
Dog Tiles 8 x 12"" Horizontal
Dog Tiles 8 x 12"" Vertical "


Amazing Venison RecipesOur books are popular with the outdoor enthusiast. We carry a great line of hunting and fishing books, including cookbooks as well as many animal husbandry books. Our most popular books are the Jim Zumbo "Amazing Venison Recipes", Mike Lapinski "Radical Elk Hunting", Cameron Hanes "Backcountry Bowhunting", Peter Dunn "Goatkeepers Veterinary Book", Donald Strombeck "Home-Prepared Dog & Cat Diets", Ryan Hatfield "Idaho's Greatest Whitetails" and many, many more.

We also have a large inventory of DVD's such as Roger Raglin, Tom Miranda, Ted Nugent, Jim Shockey and so much more.


Williams Lure

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2014 - Lake Clear Supplement
2014 - Savant Supplement


Cetacea Pet Products We carry the entire line of Cetacea Pet Products. The pet product line includes Step-In Harness, Chain Martingales, Soft Martingales, Dog & Cat Colars, Leashes, Shopping Cart Tethers, Seat Belt Tethers, Tennis Ball Toys, Truck Bed Tethers and so much more. They come in many different colors and different size quality webbing.


Milky Way Soap Molds We carry a wonderful selection of Milky Way Soap Molds.

Common Uses: Melt & Pour Soap. Cold Process Soap.
Material: Clear PVC (Not Approved for Food Contact) - NOT Silicone
Milky Way Soap Molds can tolerate temperatures of 135-145 degrees F. Above these temperatures, warping may occur. Soap is easiest to release 12-24 hours after cooling. Wash molds in warm, sudsy water. Please avoid the dishwasher because that can warp your molds or make them brittle.


Magnetic Gyro Wheel by Schylling We carry a wonderful line of retro toys including the Piano Horn, Die Cast cars, Ambi Bubble Fish, Thomas Wood Train, Curious George Wooden Car and so much more. Great gifts for the kids in your life (even if they are adults).

FACEBOOK: RD Ranch is now on Facebook. I created two different fan clubs - one is for the animals, the other is for the store. Click on the links below to visit the page and become a fan. Leave your comments or questions about the animals (or store products).

RD Ranch - animal fan club
RD Ranch Barn Sale & Gift Shop - the store fan club

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