Lake Clear Wabblers

The Lake Clear Wabbler has always been an angler favorite for trout for close to 100 years. Best worked slowly, followed by a trailing hook and a worm or minnow where permitted or a fly. The Lake Clear brand had been in short supply in the past couple of years. Having acquired the company in the spring of 2014 Brecks is no producing the Lake Clear in their facities, where the Williams, Mooselook and Savant lures are also produced. Renowned for their genuine silver and 24 carat gold finishes that do not tarnish, Lake Clear will now have these same precious metal finishes applied. An outer coat is also plated and baked in an oven to protect these finishes. It does not yellow with age.

Current Catalog
2021 - Brecks Supplement
2020 - Brecks Williams Mooselook Supplement
2020 - Brecks Lake Clear Supplement
2019 - Brecks Catalog
2018 - Brecks Catalog
2015 - Brecks Catalog
2014 - Brecks Catalog
2014 - Lake Clear Supplement
2014 - Savant Supplement

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