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Price is by the pound. One pound bag contains about 105 tsp. (41 Tbs.). This is sold as a bulk product. No fancy packaging is provided.

Ammonium Chloride (NH4Cl) is used for the prevention and treatment of Urinary Calculi (Stones) in male goats.

  • Prevention dose: Top dressing 1 tsp. per 150 pounds on your goat's food per day.
  • Treatment dose: 1 Tbs. per day.

Caution: Ammonia toxicity can a potential problem, however the oral dosing of ammonium chloride to treat urinary calculi is a desperation effort. Therefore, the risk of ammonia complications may be tolerable in light of impending death if urine flow is not reestablished.

One of my customers had her vet dissolve the ammonium chloride in water and insert it directly into the penus with the idea that this would break down the stones. I DO NOT KNOW HOW THIS IS DONE. Additionally, he recommended administering olive oil with the ammonium chloride and water orally. The olive oil is supposed to coat the stones making them easier to be passed.

I am not a vet. The information provided is based upon my experience and that of my customers.

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